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Hey! Great blog Beautiful avatar My question is: What is it about sex that intrigues you? The touch? connection? The thrill?

Good question. What gets me is the passion. Like your with someone who, in that moment, can look at you like your the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful person that they have to have in that moment. They can touch you, make you feel sensations in your body that you may have never felt before. And if you’ve felt them, you experience a new spin of a great feeling with each different person and each time you experience it.
Then you can show that person how they make you feel by expressing your passion for them, their body. Losing ourselves in each other’s sensations and expressions and showing true passion is what really makes me tick.





The only time Rihanna was ever relevant to my life

god bless tumblr. May it live on forever

Never forget.

Always reblog Rihanna nudes. Always.